Create 2 pages via WIX

1. Only do the webpage part, Wordpress 2 pages (Must use Wix to create.)

You can check the attachment “MyDream.docx”, that is the what I want to write.

2. Wordpress requirement: create a homepage, one WordPress page.

Create a homepage: just like any website, this should be a static page that tells the reader about YOU. It should be fitting for your intended audience. How many words – whatever you feel is appropriate, but at least one paragraph. Write in 1st person, or 3rd person point of view – think about your audience in you decision making.

One WordPress page: this page is an blank page that you can do anything with. It can be multimedia based or written words OR a combination. It should showcase YOU, however, this page is different from your blog writing (below). While blog writing share an opinion/view about a topic that relates to your dream employer/industry, this page will support your brand, but doesn’t have to be a written opinion piece.
Example 1 If you wanted to work in a Public Relations role in the fashion industry, this this WP page could include content about fashion or pop culture moments that fascinate you.
Example 2 – If you wanted to work as a Marketing Manager for a boat manufacturer, a student may have a WP page that curates content about great boat journeys of the world, or dream boat rides.

3. You can refer to the teacher’s courseware or log in to the account.
Password: wdj777333

4. Please read the attachments carefully.