George Parsons Lathrop

George Parsons Lathrop is an American novelist and Poet. He was born in 1851 and died in 1898. He went to school in New York and Dresden, then Germany. After his return to New York, he started a career in literature. He was married to Rose Hawthorne in 1871. In 1875, Parsons was working as an Associate editor of the Atlantic Monthly (Belasco 188). He held this position for two years before he left to work for Newspaper in Boston.  He worked in Boston Courier until 1879.

As a writer, George Parsons Lathrop was engaged in writing different books. He published both poems and novels.  He wrote poems such as Rose and Rose-tree in 1875. Later he published a study of Hawthorne in 1876, and Dream and Days poem in 1892. He also published A story OF Courage in 1894.  George also published novels among them being, Spanish Vistas 1883, and Newport 1884. Lathrop was one of the founders of Catholic Summer School of America. This is one of the contribution he made to the society. Lathrop and his wife Rose Hawthorne became members of Catholic Church in 1891.  They were received warmly in to the church at New York.  When he died, his wife continued with responsibilities in the church.

Lathrop had a great contribution to the literary society. He collaborated with other members in literary work to form a writing group. He was one of the founder members of the American Copyright League.  This organization was made of more than 175 writers.  The organization had an objective which was to help in protection of the intellectual property of its members. On this note, the organization worked to ensure that the international copyright laws were passed. This was a way of protecting their work from plagiarism. By doing this, the writers were able to benefit from royalties from their work (Belasco 188). This encouraged the development of literature because writers did not fear the element that their intellectual property would be stolen. Furthermore, the concept of protecting intellectual property was emulated by other artists in other professions thereby encouraging the development of these forms of art.

Lathrop believed that literature and writers deserved to be given a fair chance. There was need for the best competition practices to be applied in writing to ensure fair competition in the industry. This would encourage upcoming writers by knowing that their work is protected. It was made illegal to copy another person’s work without his or her permission (Belasco 188). By forming and joining this organization, it was beneficial to literary writers. Lathrop’s work contributed to different benefits in the literary society.

This work encouraged freshness. This is an important aspect in writing. Freshness encourages writers to come up with ideas that have not been used by another person. A writer becomes the first to publish particular ideas (Tally 39). The writer becomes a critical thinker and does a lot of research before publishing ideas. Lathrop’s work also encourages variety. Writers come up with different ideas in their work. Since no one is allowed to copy other writer’s ideas, it will encourage diversity in wringing. Creativity is also a benefit of the American literary scene.  Writers are able to come up with new ideas that have not been published by other writers.  Creativity helps workers attract readers who will appreciate the good work.  Another benefit brought about by Lathrop’s work is patriotism.  This will encourage writers to love what they do and where they do their publishing. Due to freshness of ideas and creativity, readers and audiences in many artworks would be entertained by the artworks. This would help in promotion of art and generate more income for the artists.

Lathrop in his work encouraged the development of creativity and fresh ideas (Tally 39).  In his work, he wrote different genres that includes poems, novels and other works of art. Through this work, Lathrop was able to demonstrate that a single individual can exhibit variety in his pieces.  A writer can come up with variety of ideas and publish different genres of work as Lathrop did.  By doing this, creativity and freshness is encouraged in writers.

George Lathrop also contributes to the general society in his literary work. In some of his writing, he criticized the ills that happened in the society.  This was a way of instilling moral values in the society.  By doing this, leaders were put under pressure to understand the issues and solve problems in the society.  This would help people live in harmony and do away with social ills. For instance, through his writings, Lathrop was able to criticize the mainstream institutions and offer a model of how human services should be provided.  He wrote some of his proposals that were adopted and this improved the social welfare of Americans at that time.  Lathrop managed to criticize healthcare providers in care delivery.  Through this, there was an improvement in healthcare delivery.

In his novel on the Study of Hawthorne, George Lathrop writes on the Twilight of the Twice-told Tales. In this book, he says that in truth, there is no such thing in man’s nature as a settled and full resolve, either for good or evil, except moment of execution. “Let us hope therefore, that all the dreadful consequences of sin will not be incurred, unless the act has set its seal upon the thought. Yet… man must not disclaim his brotherhood, even with the guiltiest, since, though, his hand be clean, his heart has surely been polluted by the flitting phantoms on iniquity that is purity is too spotless a thing to exist in absolute perfection min a human being, who must often feel at least the dark” (Hawthorne 315). This is an excerpt from Lathrop’s book that relates with what happens in the society.  People engage in impurities that make them feel guilty and treat others inappropriately. In class we have learnt about the social illnesses that takes place in the society. This is whereby leaders may be corrupt and systems for helping the society are run ineffectively. In his work, Lathrop advocates for change in such system, and his work contributed to change in health system in America.  In another instance, we have learnt about religion that urges people to be cleansed from their impurities. Christians believe that one has to be pure to be close to the creator.  This is a way of influencing the society towards doing what is right and live in harmony with each other. By doing so, a society will have a conducive environment for all to live in.

In conclusion, Lathrop is one of the renowned American Writers and poets.  He has written different novels and poems that have contributed to changes in the society.  Poems include After Glow that was written in 1876 and A Story of Courage that he wrote in 1894. He also wrote novels such as Spanish Vistas, New Port, and Study of Hawthorne.  Lathrop’s works have been used by many generations since he died. His poems and books have been used by many people as insights to the society. The works have also been used in schools.  This help change poor systems of government in the society. Most scholars and other readers prefer Lathrop’s work because it is easy to understand and comprehend. He uses simple language which is clear and easy to read and understand. In another instance, Lathrop’s literary works have been used in different management levels and government authorities. He was an opinion shaper and he managed to propose recommendations used in the American government. His opinions are also used in today’s society to bring about changes in systems that are not working effectively.  Lathrop has also contributed immensely in the development of American art and Literature. He advocates for creativity and freshness. Writers have been influenced by Lathrop’s work in developing their art and literature. His pieces are very interesting to read because they are written in simple language that makes them easy to understand and comprehend. He communicates directly to the readers through the use of different themes and devices in his writings. This adds more value and interest to his artworks. All in all, Parsons Lathrop contributed immensely to the development of literature in the United States and beyond.