The WAC Requirements |

WAC (Writing Across the Curriculum) is a university program that requires students to write between 3,000 and 5,000 words (10-20 pages, double-spaced, in 12-point font, with 1” margins) in writing assignments (which may include drafts – drafts must be submitted before November 25).

The Final Paper

The final paper will start by selecting an industry. After you pick an industry, think about the major players in the industry and select one of them as your “client”. The client may be a U.S. based or an internationally based firm, but make sure that sufficient industry and firm-level information is available from secondary sources to enable in-depth analyses. Companies that are not listed on any stock market will probably not have enough secondary sources to complete the paper.

Furthermore, your selection should NOT be a company that is featured in a case study in any edition of our textbook.

Next, you should analyze your client’s generic strategy, business model, mission and/or vision statements, corporate governance and any pending legal issues, such as anti-trust issues.

You should use appropriate concepts, tools and etc. from the textbook (or elsewhere) to analyze your client’s external environment (for example: PESTEL, 5 Forces, competitor analysis etc.) and your client’s internal environment (such as: SWOT, risk analysis, longitudinal analysis of financial performance, competitive matrix).

Further items of interest should be 3~5 year trends in ratios from its financial statements and operational statements, such as earnings per share, stock price, ROA, ROI etc. Don’t just tell us what is going on, but what are the consequences and options for correcting poor results Similarly, examine credit and image ratings, labor and production issues, corporate social responsibility and citizenship, market segments and market share) in order to justify their (generic strategy and business model AND/OR possibly designing future actions to improve your client’s business.

By way of preparing for the final project, you should pay special attention to media reports about current and potential mergers, acquisitions, divestment, joint ventures or strategic other major announcements about your ‘client’.

Note: This project should include significant use of business/accounting/financial ratios.

The number of companies that are listed on the NYSE or the NASDAQ is well over 6000. The best venue to get reliable financial data for companies is the SEC Edgar Company Fillings