Poverty in Bang

Below is the teachers exact words for the essay. Ignore the part where it says to use the book as a source I will put that in later myself. The country I chose is Bangladesh and the topic is Poverty in Bangladesh.

Your submission should include:

Introduction (Approximately one paragraph):

Clearly identify your topic and developing country. E.G. “This paper discusses the problem of hunger in Brazil.” Or “In this paper, I address the AIDS crisis in Haiti.” Indicate where the country is located (continent, for example). Also indicate whether it was ever colonized by another country. If so, cite the year in which it achieved its independence.

Summarize the country’s economic situation: type of economy (e.g. free enterprise, state-managed), economic standing in comparison to other countries (GDP and its ranking OR HDI, and its ranking in relation to other countries). You may find this information in the CIA World Factbook: https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/

Be sure to cite your source for this information, both as an in-text citation, and in your reference/works cited list.

Last, include your thesis statement—a sentence or two that indicates the main argument of your paper.

Body (Approximately six to eight paragraphs):

In at least two paragraphs:
Define (if a concept), describe or explain (if a broad topic or theory) your topic.
Briefly indicate how your concept, theory, or topic is related to the culture of capitalism. Note, your textbook should be helpful here.

In ABOUT four to six paragraphs, discuss the topic in relation to your country.
For example, if your topic is structural adjustment programs, indicate when and how these policies were implemented.
What is the reason/are the reasons why the policies were implemented in that nation-state.
What have been the consequences of their implementation: degree of success; impact on the country economically, politically, and socially.
In particular, discuss the impact (positive and negative, as appropriate) of the policy on citizens of the country.
Be specific. For example, if one consequence is that poverty rates have declined, cite actual data (figures/percentages) and include dates (e.g. between 1980 and 2013).
Finally, indicate which of the three perspectives on globalization (that is, that of skeptics, hyperglobalizers, OR transformationalists) these findings support, and how so.

Conclusion (About one paragraph):

What are your final thoughts about what you have found?
What does this country’s experience with your chosen topic tell you about the nature of capitalism?